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Creating relevant and exploratory new choral theatre
"I personally felt I could be a part of it – by just listening and watching. The usual barriers weren't there – the actions/music/drama synergy was compelling."
- Audience Member
"An almost electric level of intensity that was highly engaging and compelling."
- Audience Member
"What we now accept as conventional in opera, must have started like this - new, challenging and engaging ."
- Audience Member
To tell is a function of self.
— Ann Carson, "Decreation"
The Voicings Collective is the brainchild of director Freya Wynn-Jones, composer Michael Betteridge and writer Rebecca Hurst.

The company aims to interrogate the democracy of devising: work is created collectively, shaped by the skills, creative practices, stories and unique voices of the individual artists taking part.

As the Voicings Collective continues to grow, it seeks to discover a unique way of creating new musical theatre work that can be enjoyed by, and benefit, a wide range of people. In its first iteration, the Voicings Collective is supported using public funding by Arts Council England.

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How High We Once Climbed
New work for choir and performer coming 2020.
Hear Them Roar
In development. In this one-act drama a small cast of characters meet to reimagine the most powerful and traumatic experience of their lives: involvement with a political movement that transformed them and their nation forever. The setting is intimate, even claustrophobic. Yet the characters tell stories that are both epic and absurd, and which shift as precipitously as our modern political landscape. View our Production Pack.

Rough For Opera #16
The Cockpit Theatre, London
The Voicings Collective took our work in progress to Rough For Opera. Curated and Produced by Second Movement, rough for opera provides a performance platform to share new work and celebrate the breadth of contemporary opera making. With an informal and intimate atmosphere and a Q and A following each performance rough for opera is a great way for audiences to engage directly with opera makers and for composers to get invaluable feedback about their work at an early stage in its development.
Hear Them Roar
Presented at Rough For Opera October, 2017.
Originally filmed by Josh Buckler. Edited by Morgan Vine.
Photo Credit Nick Rutter
Music theatre makers, The Voicings Collective, came together in February of 2017 to undertake a series of research and development at Dartington Hall. The company explores approaches to composing within the ensemble, transcending the formats of traditional opera making and utilising the skills of a multifaceted group of performers. In it's first iteration, the Voicings Collective began exploring theatrical responses to the rise of Fascism in 1930s Europe and its relevance to the modern experience.The week ended with an in-progress sharing of their approach to ensemble composition, followed by an audience discussion. The week was documented by Jade Hoffman of Tiamat Film.

Making Of
Creative Team
Director and Singer
Writer and Librettist
Marc Dunleavey
Rob Gildon
Robine Landi
Patrick Terry
"To try to understand the experience of another it is neccesary to dismantle the world as seen from ones own place within it and to reassemble it as seen from... [theirs]" - John Berger, A Seventh Man.
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